Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Yay...she liked them!

Well....the owner Purrpower on Craftster liked them...
kitty looks like she wishes someone would please
put the lid on the box.

It doesn'y really appear that the other sweater wearers
are any happier but owner is.

More detailed pics below

They DO however like the catnip toys...as Darlene aka "Puurpower" said...maybe a bit too much. ;)

Also well recieved was the clipboard...she said the painting looks like one of her kitties named Appolo.

I'm so happy she likes them. I can be so slow about things...but
I have to take care of the kids first...
and with all the illness, etc...well...plus it's winter knitting time for the family...so...yeah...slow..
I hate it, but try to make up for it by doing as good a job as possible...
She was very sweet and said only two sweaters would be fine..
but she has 4 cats. So..I wanted to make 4 sweaters.
We agreed on 2 for the swap..and two more to follow.
I had about every kind of problem possible at swap time, and
was lucky to be able to send the two sweaters as well as some
mini kitties.
I wanted to be sure to make up for that!
I make up for things by painting...I'm weird, I guess.


Onestar said...

Okay, they're adorable, but how do you manage to put them on? ;)

diosa said...

You just slip them over the head, then put the legs through the holes.
The dog bit me when I tried to try one on her...hence the green bear doing the modeling.

Michelle said...

Oh my! LOL I can see why they would need a sweater. Too cute.