Sunday, November 05, 2006

21 inches of cat..

( 21 inches from neck to butt..that doesn't include his head!)
So cat is making a leap for my desk 
which is holding my keyboard and my coffee. 

I do this sort of "catch" while he is in midair, and
he sort of convolutes his form into a half circle,
and lands that way...feet splaying at the last moment.
I feel like an ass.

But he has this habit of putting his long frame in the middle
of everything I do.  
When I knit, he lays on it.
When I sew, I have to nudge him out of the
way of the needle...the MACHINE needle.
When I cook, he wants to see everything I am doing.
When I paint, he lays on my painting or pallette..
unless it's oils..he hates those.
But when he wanted my attention AFTER the strange
kitty acrobatics episode, he just sat on the floor
and looked up and purred as loud as possible.

Pictured Above:
Here he is laying in the middle of one of my work areas...yes...
I am messy.
No..I don't really mind it ...much.
No..we don't eat at that table.

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