Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Was hoping that I remebered how...

I hadn't done coragated ribbing in ..years?
Hell..I can't even spell it.
I will use the spell check thingy though.. yarn for experimenting...
yarn I wouldn't ever wear on my body...or put
on my kid's body.
HER sweater first real machine
is going to have cora-whatever ribbed sleeves.
It's a variation on "Nothing but a T"
On Magknits.
Oh go can do it.
I was way proud of myself for making an invisable
hem..on the machine!
And I'm a beginner at this machine business!
It was tedious...but not too difficult.
I had to hang each stitch from the tail of the
sweater, onto the needles with the stitches next to be knit.
And then I knit the next two rows manually...
juuuusssttt to make sure their were no
carriage jams.

The scarf I made in finally enhanced with
hand crochet AND knitting along the sides
It's in the wash, right now, and will be blocked
properly next...then fringe added.
I kind of overblocked the first time..oopsy.
sock number one for number one daughter.

It's a perfect fit...
how did my 6 year old get to have
such large feet!?
I'm not crazy about the yarn.
I like the colors..and the self striping..
but the self patterning seems a bit lame.
I also wish I had knit it on a size 2 instead of size 2.5 ( 3 mm)
Oh well...

I ran out of stuff to say...

I wish I had this evening to myself. I want to paint.
But I am going to go buy a ball winder thingy.
I am wondering if I HAVE to have a swift if I
use a ball winder?
I dont want a swift.


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