Wednesday, September 27, 2006

They were on sale..

those ten balls of sock yarn I bought yesterday...were 50 percent off.

The 12 balls of wool were not..and I did only mean to get 10.

The sock yarn and that fluffy stuff were completely unplanned..but does sock yarn at 50 percent off, and pink fluffy stuff that was cheap even at regular price, really count?

You betcha!

I have a significantly enhanced stash baby..and I love it!

When I told my husband that I may have spent a bit too much on yarn he just said "Oh?"

Me spending too much on anything is sort of a novelty.

I am working on a hat for a contest at the knit out the mid-ohio knitter guild is ..what's the word..doing?

I have frogged it a total of about 5 times..but only once entirely..I think I am about to completely frog it again..seems too small..
And yes, I did a guage stockinette....

if only that was what I was knitting the hat in..

Saturday, September 23, 2006

How do I knit?

And I quote:

"I knit english when knitting right handed!
Totally blew my mind when I automatically started doing it."

I am quoting myself.
But am I correct?

Whne I say I knit English while knitting right handed..I mean that I hold the yarn in the same hand as the working needle..and throw.

I dont know anymore..I assumed that what defined continental knitting was the fact of holding yarn that is being worked in the OPPOSITE hand..not that you are a continental knitter by holding it in your left hand...
I assumed that the definition was reversed for those holding the working needle opposite to the yarn.

But it seems everyone else thinks that the act of holding the yarn in the matter what hand hold the working needle is what defines continental knitting.

I am now just not at all certain.

I mean to me it makes sense that what defines continental knitting would be merely holding the yarn opposite to the working needle....but I seem to be the only person with this opinion.
When I said that I knit English when knitting right handed..I meant that I hold the yarn in my right hand.

This brings me to picking and throwing..picking is holding it opposite if I am to understand correctly..and continental knitters pick..if I am to understand basically I AM a continental reverse?

It really DOES make a difference when teaching left handers to knit.
People always tell them to do it "continental" because the yarn is held in the left hand..but if the true definition of continental is being a picker..and holding the yarn opposite..
then the yarn should be held in the right hand.
So if using the left hand to carry the yarn is the objective..then they should be being taught to throw!

In the end, I think a person needs to experiment and see what is comfrotable.
I mean..who the hell would have ever thought that I would throw my yarn when knitting right handed..I am a picker since the beginning.

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In other dog chewed up the point to my new size 7 bamboo needles.

Friday, September 22, 2006

knitting good...drawing ...good too.

 Well, there you have it. I need to get the traditional art groove back.
I think I will do some knitting related graphics for the blog..and to offer to other bloggers.

I suck when it comes to any kind of ribbing. I am beginning to think that what I need are some largish projects that feature ribbing..and to forget about doing the Masters program swatches in order.

I blame Will Riker..his bearded cutness was distracting me..

poo..I lie. I suck at ribbing.

Plus I have my own bearded cutie. As for the's too bad to bother with photographing...sigh..or maybe it's not..maybe I should put it out there and ask for help.

But you really do use both hands..

 I hate that crap. does use both hands to knit..but it IS a directional and handedness oriented task.
It DOES matter what hand you use.

I just wanted to get that off my chest.
I was fed that speil again at a guild a knitting teacher.
Lemme tell you what... If I knit a cable pattern using right handed'll be backwards.

As for knitting right 6 year old is right handed, and learning to knit.
I am ofcourse teaching her to do so with her right hand..which means me going that extra measure and showing her while using MY right hand.

Makes sense, right?

Yet people still believe lefties should just go ahead and learn right handed.
If I was teaching my little northpaw to knit left handed it would seem ludicrous.
It would be like men giving would go against nature.
( actually, that's a bad example..I am all for men giving birth.)

I learned something interesting while teaching Becca.
I knit english when knitting right handed!
Totally blew my mind when I automatically started doing it.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


I finally finished the 270!
I finished while Bill and I were away at the cabin for his is proof that a large item can get done just a bit at a time.
Noone has ever knitted anything for him before. He was touched by the fact that I had done this for him.
Also, we had a little mini party last night so the girls could take part in celebrating his birthday.
I dont think he has had a party just for him since he was a kid.
It is something to see my 67 year old giant man near tears because...people cared..
I love him like a crazy woman..I would give him a party everyday if it wouldn't lose it's specialness to do so..but alas....the once a year aspect ..or in his case once every 60 years , is what makes it special.
You know? When we got to the cabin this weekend...that man had flowers and candy waiting for ME?
This is what kind of man I married.
I'm always trying to figure out how I got so lucky as to get someone like him.
And I thank God that in spite of his age, he is in wonderful health.( and he has the handsome to prove it! He is still as fine a man now as he was when he was 40. )
In fact he and I have discussed and planned for the fact that due to my health..I may possibly be the first to go.
I sometimes feel like that I am trying to cram as much into my life as possible...just in case.
I need to let common sense prevail and slow down...if I completely exhaust myself, I will go all the faster.
I have come to the point lately that I never stop..I go and go and work and work, until 3 or 4 in the morning. I dont go to bed..I pass out.

Ooo..I got some Lacette for a I like cheap yarn..sue me. I have kids to feed.

I am beginning to wonder about all the yarns that I have encountered that give a larger needle size than you really would want to use with that yarn. Are they trying to make the yarn seems like an instant gratification yarn?
This yarn's ballband says to use a size three. The top of the swatch shown here is a size one.
The larger needle just made messy stitches, and giant holes. Ooops..I need to buy a size one straight needle....sigh..I went to Joanne's to buy a needle the other day and ended up spending 80 dollars ...Mom showed me were the clearance fabic is kept. Size two just doesn't get it with this yarn either..but it may have to..I already own some size two needles.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

kitty sweater number two...done!

Here is the second kitty sweater.
I have to be brief here, have to be out the door very soon to take the girls to the Doc..Becca for a follow up on an ear infection..Donna for this dry cough that is persisting.

The color here is not time to correct the photo today.

I should have gone to bed

 Instead I stayed up and worked on the sweater...and then I screwed up my blog.


I fixed it.

I hope to God I can get the 270 done by Saturday...that's when his B-Day is.

acid green teddy

My lid loves him..bought him with her allowance. Plus he was handy.

So, he had his great knitwear modeling career launched today.

I present to you..acidboy wearing ...a cat sweater.
This is the finished product from the last post.
It really is a shame that he is not posable on all fours...and that he is too small for the sweater.
Oh well..then he would want to keep it..and it isn't there.

And on the bottom is the back to sweater number two...which is in the middle of being seamed. I needed to stop for a minute though. I may need to stop until tomorrow..I am passing a damn kidney stone...well..actually, I am TRYING to..and it just wants to stay put and be a ..pain. A screaming nasty pain.
Add that to the toothache that I have, and I needed some pain meds...
they are making me tired..
I doubt I could sleep much anyways..and I really do need to get this sent by tomorrow.

Look..I knit leaves!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

back of cabled kitty sweater- swap spoiler-caution

ok..if you are my kitty swap know what I'm making..but still, dont look.
Not like you would...anyways.

This is the back of sweater number one..lord I hope I can get two done by send date!

The pic of the cable close up isn't quite accurate in color..the pics of the entire back, as well as the ribbing and part cable are darn close. ( second and third pics)

She did not want wool..I always worry about blocking acrylic but shouldn't be too big a deal, it will have edging and be seamed to another peice...edging at the arm holes..seaming to the chest peice..which I am going to cast on for..right now!

before I die

 There are certain things I want to knit in my lifetime.

a dress
a coat
the "birch" shawl

since I dont plan on being dead anytime soon..I think I can do it.
We'll see.

I'm seriously thinking of buying a knitting machine..a cheap one.
The one I am considering, I have read many reviews and seems half the people love it..half hate it.

If I hate it I know where to return no big deal.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Why knitters are crazy

Aren't those hot?
I want them..I can go to sock dreams
and buy them for ten little dollars. TEN!
But..I want to knit them.
Yes, I do.
That is why at least this knitter is crazy.

Saturday, September 02, 2006


My sidebar doesn't show in IE.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Well..I have finished all but the toe of Becca's Magic splotch sock..I do both toes at the same time. This way my urge for an FO stays with me. That yarn sure is..big for sock yarn..all in is about the worst sock that I have ever it is.

I got some much nicer yarn..Parade from knitpicks. I think they should have named it "mermaid". It goes so well with the pic that I have been working on.

Ms Mermiad isn't done yet so technically, noone is supposed to be seeing her. So you saw nothing here..ok. I would have to kill you other wise.

I also got a knitting bag..I LOVE this thing. It's huge. It's clear. It's fully packed.

ok..this is prime knitting time that I'm cutting into by farting around on the internet. ( "The kids are in bed..hurry..knit! They'll be up in about 10 hours!" )
Sweaters for hairless cats dont knit themselves. ( It's a swap thing)