Saturday, September 23, 2006

How do I knit?

And I quote:

"I knit english when knitting right handed!
Totally blew my mind when I automatically started doing it."

I am quoting myself.
But am I correct?

Whne I say I knit English while knitting right handed..I mean that I hold the yarn in the same hand as the working needle..and throw.

I dont know anymore..I assumed that what defined continental knitting was the fact of holding yarn that is being worked in the OPPOSITE hand..not that you are a continental knitter by holding it in your left hand...
I assumed that the definition was reversed for those holding the working needle opposite to the yarn.

But it seems everyone else thinks that the act of holding the yarn in the matter what hand hold the working needle is what defines continental knitting.

I am now just not at all certain.

I mean to me it makes sense that what defines continental knitting would be merely holding the yarn opposite to the working needle....but I seem to be the only person with this opinion.
When I said that I knit English when knitting right handed..I meant that I hold the yarn in my right hand.

This brings me to picking and throwing..picking is holding it opposite if I am to understand correctly..and continental knitters pick..if I am to understand basically I AM a continental reverse?

It really DOES make a difference when teaching left handers to knit.
People always tell them to do it "continental" because the yarn is held in the left hand..but if the true definition of continental is being a picker..and holding the yarn opposite..
then the yarn should be held in the right hand.
So if using the left hand to carry the yarn is the objective..then they should be being taught to throw!

In the end, I think a person needs to experiment and see what is comfrotable.
I mean..who the hell would have ever thought that I would throw my yarn when knitting right handed..I am a picker since the beginning.

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