Friday, September 22, 2006

But you really do use both hands..

 I hate that crap. does use both hands to knit..but it IS a directional and handedness oriented task.
It DOES matter what hand you use.

I just wanted to get that off my chest.
I was fed that speil again at a guild a knitting teacher.
Lemme tell you what... If I knit a cable pattern using right handed'll be backwards.

As for knitting right 6 year old is right handed, and learning to knit.
I am ofcourse teaching her to do so with her right hand..which means me going that extra measure and showing her while using MY right hand.

Makes sense, right?

Yet people still believe lefties should just go ahead and learn right handed.
If I was teaching my little northpaw to knit left handed it would seem ludicrous.
It would be like men giving would go against nature.
( actually, that's a bad example..I am all for men giving birth.)

I learned something interesting while teaching Becca.
I knit english when knitting right handed!
Totally blew my mind when I automatically started doing it.

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