Wednesday, September 27, 2006

They were on sale..

those ten balls of sock yarn I bought yesterday...were 50 percent off.

The 12 balls of wool were not..and I did only mean to get 10.

The sock yarn and that fluffy stuff were completely unplanned..but does sock yarn at 50 percent off, and pink fluffy stuff that was cheap even at regular price, really count?

You betcha!

I have a significantly enhanced stash baby..and I love it!

When I told my husband that I may have spent a bit too much on yarn he just said "Oh?"

Me spending too much on anything is sort of a novelty.

I am working on a hat for a contest at the knit out the mid-ohio knitter guild is ..what's the word..doing?

I have frogged it a total of about 5 times..but only once entirely..I think I am about to completely frog it again..seems too small..
And yes, I did a guage stockinette....

if only that was what I was knitting the hat in..

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