Wednesday, November 01, 2006


( ghost face painted by me)

Damn I'm tired. Sick kids, halloween, cupcakes made for my daughter's classroom party...that she was too ill to attend.
We pumped her up with meds so she could do a bit of trick or treating.
Maybe it was a poor parental decision, but it broke my heart to think that after marking each day off on the calender all month, talking non stop about how fun it would all be, how much she loves seeing and talking to all the neighbors( beggers night around here has a block party feel to's fantastic.)I just couldn't stand to break HER heart.
She came up with the spooky princess idea all on her own...she elected not to bother with make up...a sensible choice.
Isn't she beautiful? When I look at that face, I see the whole world.

And her sister...the child so pretty that it makes me worry, wearing her poodle hat. I also knitted wrist bands and ankle bands so she would have a "poodle cut"

This is a better view of the hat.( edit...not so better..the pic was cut off, but you should be able to see it by scrolling down to an entry made last week, or just clicking the pic. I ofcourse would prefer you scroll down. ;) ) addition to that stuff, lots of work. Painting and knitting

I made something for myself! A pony tail hat!

I have never in 20 plus years made something for myself.
Then I fell in love with this yarn made by ...Red Heart.
It's called "Rag Doll". Described by them as roving wrapped in a fringed thread.
It is beautiful yarn but was oily and I had to wash it before I knit it so I didn't get hives.
After all that handling, I had to make something for myself. I caved over pretty colors.
Why is it a ponytail hat?
Because I made a hole in the back for my ponytail.
I was extremely pleased by that.

Other details...hmmm

my own pattern, colorway is "Wow", and I used 10 1/2 circular and DPN's.

And last but not least...a couple of painted pumkins!

Whew...alot of pics. Sorry if you are dial up.
Have a great day, night, stardate, whatever.


KniTaPaLooZa said...

wow you are so talented. I love the faces on your pumpkins and the hats are adorable. Makes me want my pony tail back! Thanks for Sharing!

Anonymous said...

That's some fantastic work Bec. Congrats on a successful Halloween (I would have let Michelle go too, if it was her heart's desire - it IS only one night of the year after all.)

The girls both looked beautiful, ans you look very pleased with your clever self!


diosa said...

Thanks ladies.