Saturday, November 11, 2006

Look flap!

I did indeed use my hands...and Mom doesn't care.
But I couldn't think of a better title.

A short row heel...

Why doesn't everyone do this?
It's way nicer!
Perhaps like me, they thought it was something really

By the way, my answer to the holes...
cause the wrapping just so doesn't prevent them

yes...there is an "unless"...

You have to pull the holy heck out of them as you knit the next stitch after the wrap.
Like.."I can't hold her together much longer Captain!"...that hard.
So hard you think you could break the yarn.

Blogger is being an ass..I just barly squeezed these pictures in Captain.
Dont push her any furthur.

( you gotta use your best "Scotty is in my head again" reading voice for much of this can do it.)

Ofcourse I need to edit.
I think something is wrong...
Would it KILL me to use a pattern?

I cant figure out what to do now. I dont make a gusset do I?

Off to look at socks patterns featuring short row heels.


Michelle said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Nope, no gusset decreases with a short row heel. Just start knitting in the round using all the stitches when you've finished the heel, with the start being the center of the heel.

If you want to try your luck with a three column layout, I found some ready made Blogger templates here...
Good luck!

diosa said...

Ah..yes..I found that site..thanks!
As for the sock..I did as you suggested and I have a huge gaping hole on both sides.

turtlegirl76 said...

It takes a bit of practice and some creative manipulation of the stitches around the tops of your short rows when continuing on with your knitting. Basically, do whatever you need to do to close up that hole. And that also means you can weave in some yarn later on to close 'em up too. No worries! Just keep knitting!

And welcome to the KCCL Ring!

Michelle said...

You can try to knit that stitch through the back loop, or pick up an extra stitch to close it up. You can also darn it when the sock is finished. It's just the way of handknit socks.

diosa said...'s pretty silly what I did...I worked a couple of extra rows before and after the short row shaping...and I made the heel taller than it should be?
I took it out and am working it without those extra rows...which I put in for no real good reason.
My husband ...also a knitter is now accusing me of just liking to do heels....repeatedly.
I tear out the heel of every single sock about 7 times before I allow it to live.
Thanks for your input ladies...and comments.
And I agree with you both on the ways I can close those holes, if they exist when I finish...I more or less will try the darning idea...I mean...we sew up sweaters...why not sew up socks a bit?