Monday, January 08, 2007

So you wanna knit a..


I don't..but it would seem that my husband does.

I had no idea that my husband even wanted to
 lay in a hammock...

much less knit one.

That man is just full of surprises.
I guess he can find any excuse to go
 to the hardware store.

He loves washers and nuts and
 bolts...and twine,
the way I love diamonds and 
rubies...and yarn.

He isn't a yarn junkie quite
 yet...give it time. 

In other news...well, I am writing this
later in the day...and I barely can

something is terribly wrong with me
It started about a week ago?
I get a heaviness...sometimes
a soreness in my lower back
I get weak and wobbly

and here is the kicker...

weepy, depressed and angry.
I'm almost in tears now and I don't
know why!
I feel like I need to the emergency room.
But what would I tell them?
I should run in and tell em I'm weepy?
Seriuosly..I feel like I'm losing my mind.

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