Saturday, January 27, 2007

I'm not's about yarn...don't leave!

well..not in your most basic way, I'm not mean.
I do have a problem with snobs, idiots, graspers, takers, molesters...etc...

but I don't like to hurt people..and I
try to see all sides to a situation.

I won an Ebay auction the last week...week
I sent my payment within their alotted
time, and was clear in communication.

They sent me something that looked quite
unlike what was pictured
on the auction page.

It IS the same color...and that's about
where the similarity ends.

The texture is COMPLETELY different.
They showed a yarn in a cool brown that was
nubbly, and loopy.
I recieved a smooth cabled yarn.

It really don't like cabled yarn.

They also said it was wool.
It is wool wrapped with a fine strand of some
manmade fiber.
burn test also says it is a blend. It melted instead
of left ash
AND it smelled like hair.

I waited and wrote to then before just leaving my feedback.
I let them know all of the reason's I wasn't happy.
I also let them know I was keeping the yarn.
I just wanted to hear their side before I made my feedback.

They DID reply, addressing only one concern...
not responding to others...especially why it was represented as all wool, and why it looks completely different from pictured.

In the end I left a nuetral feedback explainging the problems briefly.

Why do I feel like a big meany?

In other news..I made a new blog.

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