Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I'd like to know where you got the notion..

I have had that song in my head for the last week.
It's about all that's been in my head.
I did finally finish Bill's balaclava. It's ugly..
it's a balaclava. But it's soft.
I will be
sharing pics soon. I wish pics showed how soft it is.
I need an afghan made from Paton's Classic.

I have been designing a cable....more on that later.
It's going to be spectacular if I can pull it off.

Also..speaking of cables;
I have most of the pattern for the pink cable mitts
written out ( ok.."mitt" has TWO "t"'s. 
As a Spanish 
I find all the extra letters in 
English weird and 
 that I first learned to read
 in English..)

But other than that, I seem to mostly be
 preoccupied with falling apart this week .

Yanno...I can't let that happen.

As it is, I am about the laziest person alive.
And procrastination!...I'm surprised I don't
put off breathing for some other more
convienient time.

Hmm...I think the meat for dinner is thawed now.
Perhaps I should actually...cook it?
Hold on a sec, eh?

damn..it isn't anywhere near thawed yet! At this
rate dinner will be at 8:30 PM.
I do everything slow..because I diddle..
and procrastinate!
If I allow myself to fall apart too much,
I will never get anything done.
Then soon, I'll be dead...and nothing got done.

I keep telling myself I'm gonna do this, and
gonna do that..
Would it kill me to actually DO some of it?
Instead I sit around and cry.

OK...well..this journal is yet another way to procrastinate.

Actually, the bachache and weepiness described
yesterday, hasn't occured today.
I think it might be being caused by a medication that I am on.

I have to ask myself something, when it comes to blogging.
Are real opinions really acceptable?
I see things that I have definite opinions when I read blogs
and forum posts.
But I ask myself constantly, if stating my opinion
would be over stepping boundries?
It usually is answered with a yes...probably.
So I shut up.
I know many of my opinions would anger people.
So I shut up.


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