Wednesday, January 17, 2007

old blended with new..

I brought some of my older blogs into the new
 version..and my old profile has taken over.
I call it fate.
It's more "me" I guess anyways.

I was asked if I paint anymore....

I hadn't been painting much..and rarely sharing what I had.

I started again.

Not that it's anyone's damn business...Ron.

It's funny..Ron doesn't need to be critical of me, or
worry if I'm knitting more than I'm painting.
Oh wait...yes he does..
cause if I wasn't knitting, he wouldn't have that
afghan for his freezing ass that's all set to send out.

But just for the VERY good reason my focus
has been more on knitting...and only ONE ( see last post)
is that I am working on earning Master knitter status.
It's a personal that I am allowed to have
without explanation to anyone.

But yes..I AM painting..and drawing.

Like anyone REALLY cares about my work anyways?

That's not a "poor me"'s fact.

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