Saturday, December 16, 2006

Well..mittens ofcourse.

So..What do you do when you make a hat and
 a scarf that match? make mittens.
Since this daughter will stick her
 hand in damn near anything, 
especially if it's cold and wet....
I decided felting was in order.

Conversation with daughter numbers
 one and two just now.
It begins with yelling and crying.

Becca: I'm sorry! blughber, hoody, 
Me: Huh
Becca: Accident, garbledty, mishy-mash,
 foozle..I said ACCIDENT!
Me: Please state the nature of the 
medical emergency 
Becca: I don't know!
Crying has long since stopped...that
was Donna
doing the crying by the way.
Me: Donna...are you still alive?
Donna: No
Me: ok, then.

Children are indeed like tiny drunks.

Interesting how my Mom always
is saying things like

"If you want to buy me a gift..." And then
points out some expensive item.

Or.."I see something I like"

Thing is..I don't know why she
is always assuming
that I'm trying to find her a gift.
Or that I'm scouring the universe
for something she likes.

My feline is being an ass..
plus I have a cold and
a nasty kidney infection/stone

so..I'm going now.

I actually have alot more pics.

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