Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I get freakin' weird ideas sometimes.

I wanna make big white papier mache trees.
Ones with no leaves.

I wouldn't mind making them water proof 
and putting glitter on them, etc..and decorating
 them with snow flakes and using them in the
 front yard.

I am a bad girl..I not only bought more yarn. But I also
bought the entire first season of Star Trek Deep Space 9
...for over 50 bucks.
I shouldn't have...
my Mom might need that 50 dollars for a bounced
check or something..or just because she "feels restless"
Which basically means "give me money or I'll sit here and
tell you how depressed I am... capped off with how everyone
abuses me."

No really..I love my Mom.

I do wish she didn't eat 4 times more than
anyone else in the family.

I knitted for Christmas.
I also left my camera batteries and
charger at my sister's house.

In addition to finishing the other mitten for Becca,
I started a pair of cabled fingerless mitts for me.
They're pink!
I'm not using a pattern.
I think I have actually used a pattern...
I made "nautie"
That's one reason I don't slam out FO's like other people.
Most things I have a formula for..and they go quick enough.
Other things...alot of swatching. Alot of trial and error.
AFTER alot of sketching.
But the fingerless gloves...that's easy.
I just picked up my tools and let 'er rip.

Yanno....I see all the time on Amazon and
other places where books are reviewed...under
the knitting catagory...
the reviewers feel the need to say.
"This is not a book for beginners." ,
quite often.
It sounds to me like they are saying.
"I know this fact because I myself am an expert."
"As an expert I can and will say what books
are suitable for beginners."

I would love to think it's just a case of an
experienced one wanting to steer the innocent
newbie away from the perils of intermediate
there is rarely a reference to a book that IS good for a
And there is generally reference to all that they can do in
one form or another

Now..if that doesn't make you angry...

What is it with yarn snobs!?
What really cracks me up...acrylics that
are acceptable if they are put out by some
"fashionable" company.
What also cracks me up are "fashionable" yarns
that are pure crap!
No..I'm not the world's biggest fan of Red Heart Super Saver.
But...acrylic in general, has it's place.
And people who knit with it...and who knit with Lion's Brand, Red Heart, Paton's, Caron's....STOP LETTING YARN SNOBS MAKE YOU FEEL YOU SHOULD APPOLOGISE!



OfTroy said...

Since when is Paton's (or for that matter Lion Brand?) not for the snobbish?

both companies do have lines of synthetics, and wool and synthetic blends, but they also have lines of 100% wools. and wool is wool!

(and then again, a ladder yarn, is a ladder yarn, and Lion brands is as good as the next (which is also 100% synthetic!)

diosa said...

It doesn't cost 40 dollars a ball...and I really do see lots of people outright appologise for using it...or having an apologetic tone.

diosa said...

AND..that's my point too! Wool is wool! Yarn is yarn.
Like I said...tons of high priced companies have tons of acrylic....and as you say...tons of brands like absolute fav wool...have wool and wool blends. bigger point...why is acrylic so terrible.
There are plenty of hardwearing, soft acylics.
Some people just seem to not be very happy if they don't pay huge amounts...and they influence too many with their the point now where people are appologetic about using reasonably priced yarn.