Sunday, April 15, 2007

and more doodles, and sketches

Shoe is for everyday matters challenge "Draw a shoe"
So...there ya go...a shoe.

Those small colorful leaves in the top pic are by my 6 year old Becca...we like doodling together.

My Mom thinks that every time I leave the house, that I should be going to the grocery.
She acts like I'm a horrible Mom if I'm not going to grocery shop.
I finally told her today when she was shocked that I was going to the art supply store and not the grocery that we have been going to the grocery for days now, and it's time to stop.


aPugsLife-laserone said...

Hi! Glad I found your blog. Thx for the comments on mine! That's funny about the grocery store. Who goes that often? Even when I DO go I'm just usually buying diet coke and cat food and dog food and dog toys, hahaha. :)

diosaperdida said...

My Mom is in the early stages of demensia...oppsy...