Monday, October 09, 2006


EDIT: The chart is now on my website Click the link that says "knitting charts" to access it.

It was alot of work...about 10 hours worth.
I will have it available for download as soon as possible..the download is larger...this is just for display.
I used the knitpro web app to place the drawing in squares form..but the charts made on there account for any color...including a grey made from softness around the lines.
So I had to hand color it...or Photoshop and Wacom hand color it...which is just as labor intensive as drawing with a pencil as I did with the original drawing.
Title of the drawing is "evolution"

One pic is how it looks in chart form..the other is a bad scan of the original. obviously, I added and subtracted this and that. And corrected for all the "extra" colors". I am seriously considering changing the highlight on the lip to me more like the original.

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