Monday, August 21, 2006

all a freakin' twitter ( this is gonna be pic heavy)

ok..the post I was going to make at the new blog when I FINALLY decided to get off my vitual butt and figure why for the last week that I have been having log in weirdness.

It was due to a sort of forced sales pitch to offer me the chance to do the Beta..

which not being a proper nerd, always makes me think of this ( runs to google..or maybe my pic files somewhere?):

(pic is from here)

so..yeah..Blogger is growing up..if only it would start knitting, then I could be so proud.


I was looking at my desk here..and counted very quickly at least ten things that could be thrown away.

About an hour and a half later I needed to reboot ..which takes about 9 years on my I actually decided that I am going to REALLY throw away those 10 things!
And I found this..and I remember it..I SAVED it!

What in the world did I think I was going to do with THAT?
Is that not pitiful?
You know what's worse?..I still havent thrown it out.

On to less shameful blogging.

I am making an internet friend the baby kimono from Mason*Dixon knitting..for her daughter. Is it not the sweetest?
This is a finished one picked randomly from a Google search and was knitted by nsdis

Who also makes some mighty fine bags as you can see by his/her Flickr account..go nsdis!
We love you and your baby kimono/bag making prowess.

so..this is the basic idea( why do I suck so bad at getting to the point?)

And the blue is my KIP ( kimono in progress)

(I hope this works
I am now having some layout problems..but onwards and upwards..ah I think I fixed it.)

So..I made Nautie from Knitty
for my daughter's 5th B-Day. She also recieved this butterfly condo thing..but naturally turned it into a Nautie  Condo!

And last but not least..the "270" is about 2/3 done..I really feel like renaming it ..the "2/3 done"..giant pain in the ass thing that it is. But it is for my beloved Bill...he bought me an entire house and provides me with sex and entertainment 
( I make it sound like sex and entertainment are two different things!) ..least I could do is knit him..that that yarn he chose.
I swear my guage has not changed, as it appears in the really IS the yarn!
( God how I hate it.)

ok..this has been quite possibly the longest blog entry that I have ever posted.
Not sure what has gotten into me.

It's Kimono knittin' time!

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